Get Your Insta360 X4 Now |

Insta360 has launched the latest Insta360 X4. It is now capable of capturing video in 8k and is available for purchase in various bundles based on your needs.

I have the Insta360 X2 and I find that it is very versatile for capturing footage that you might have missed, thanks to its dual camera that capture everything.

BTW, they are not decommissioning the Insta360 X3. You can still purchase it. However, I suggest you buy the latest. Check out the comparison between the two.

With the latest X4, it comes with Lens Guard. I think this is important to avoid scratching the two big camera lenses. Check out the introduction video.

There are a total of 11 bundles including the standard bundle. The pricing starts from S$739 with the most expensive Creator Bundle at S$985.

Personally, I like that the resolution has increased, the battery life has improved, and it is capable of shooting at higher FPS which is good for slow motion scenes. Let me know what you like about the new Insta360 X4.