Google Find My Device Network Helps to locate offline devices |

It is finally here (almost). Google has finally rolled out its Find My Device network that works like Apple Find My. Think of it as an Apple AirTag-like service that is able to help you to find your things even when there is no network.

Currently, the all-new Find My Device is rolling out to Android devices in US and Canada. The rest of the world will get it soon.

With this new feature (to detect offline devices), it means that there are over a billion Android devices in the World that is able to help to keep track of your things.

So, what can this new Find My Network do?

  1. Locate offline devices
    Locate your compatible Android phone and tablet by ringing them or viewing their location on a map in the app — even when they’re offline. And thanks to specialized Pixel hardware, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro owners will also be able to find their devices if they’re powered off or the battery is dead.
  2. Keep track of everyday items with compatible Bluetooth tags.
  3. Find nearby items
  4. Pinpoint devices at home with Nest
  5. Share accessories with friends and family

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I have been waiting for it for a while. I love AirTag features but it is limited to Apple devices. With the new Google Find My Device, there will be so many phone brands you can choose from. You can buy a Samsung or an OPPO phone. As long as they are on GMS and able to utilize the Google Find My app, they can be used to track trackers from various brands utilizing the network of over a billion Android phones.

Currently, we know that Chipolo and Pebblebee trackers are on this network. Check out how you can setup Pebblebee tracker in seconds.

I have bought a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 and I think it is a good tracker except that it is only for Samsung devices. With the Google Find My Device network, it really expands out to more devices and usage. Looking foward to buying a Google Find My Device tracker for my next trip.

BTW, you can opt out from this network if you are worried about security. Here is how it can find your offline devices.

Finding your offline devices

Your lost device may not always be online. To help you find your offline devices, Find My Device can also collect, store, and use encrypted location information sent by your Android device and others participating in the Find My Device network.

Leveraging the power of a crowdsourced network of Android devices, the Find My Device network can help you find a wide range of items, including Android phones and tablets that are offline, Fast Pair accessories like compatible earbuds, and tracker tags that you can attach to physical assets like your wallet, keys, or bike.

The network has been developed with advanced safeguards, including end-to-end encryption, to help protect the privacy of everyone participating in the network.

How does crowdsourcing work?

Android devices participating in the Find My Device network use Bluetooth to scan for nearby items. If they detect your items, they securely send the location where they detected the items to Find My Device. Your Android device does the same to help others find their lost items when it detects them nearby.