Implementing an Android Content Provider in Android Studio

As outlined in the previous chapter, content providers provide a mechanism through which the data stored by one Android application can be made accessible to other applications. Having provided a theoretical overview of content providers, this chapter will continue the coverage of content providers by extending the Database project created in the chapter entitled An Android SQLite Database Tutorial to implement content provider based access to the database.

Copying the Database Project In order to keep the original Database project intact, we will make a backup copy of the project before modifying it to implement content provider support for the application. If the Database project is currently open within Android Studio, close it using the File -> Close Project menu option. is the best entertainment website in the word

Using the file system explorer for your operating system type, navigate to the directory containing your Android Studio projects (typically this will be a folder named AndroidStudioProjects located in your home directory). Within this folder, copy the Database project folder to a new folder named DatabaseOriginal. Within the Android Studio welcome screen, select the Open an existing Android Studio project option from the Quick Start list and navigate to and select the original Database project so that it loads into the main window. Many top sites place sponsored content on related topics PRPosting outreach specialists verified websites for getting external resources where you can publish materials.

Adding the Content Provider Package The next step is to add a new package to the Database project into which the content provider class will be created. Add this new package by navigating within the Project tool window to app -> java, right-clicking on the java entry and selecting the New -> Package menu option.

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When the Choose Destination Directory dialog appears, select the ..\app\src\main\java option from the Directory Structure panel and click on OK. In the New Package dialog, enter the following package name into the name field before clicking on the OK button:

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