POCO F6 and F6 Pro Available in Singapore Now |

The POCO F6 and F6 Pro are available in Singapore now. Get them before 31st May 2024 to get the early bird pricing. The pricing is really attractive. The highest end model with 16GB RAM and 1TB of storage is less then SGD 800 for early bird.

You can check out the basic details of the two models here.



Read the Press Release below for more details.

Press Release

POCO launches a new flagship market segment with the latest generation F-series

Experience hyperpower evolved with POCO F6 Pro and be shaped by speed with POCO F6

Singapore, May 23, 2024 – POCO, a popular technology brand among young tech enthusiasts, is set to redefine the mobile flagship segment with the launch of its new POCO F6 series with massive performance and experience upgrades to delight hardcore gamers, photography enthusiasts and tech lovers alike.

Powered by the new Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 chipset delivering accelerated performance, the POCO F6 Pro is an all-around flagship smartphone. It features a 6.67-inch ultra-clear WQHD+ 120Hz Flow AMOLED display with ultra-thin bezels and offers users a fully immersive visual experience. POCO F6 is a performance flagship driven by speed. It features the highly anticipated Snapdragon® 8s Gen 3 with WildBoost Optimization 3.0 and LiquidCool Technology 4.0, designed to deliver dedicated gamers the ultimate gaming experience.

POCO F6 Pro: HyperPower evolved with flagship visuals and performance

The new POCO F6 Pro is an all-around flagship that closes the gap on high-end performance phones. It packs a flagship WQHD+ 120Hz Flow AMOLED display with 2K resolution, 4000 nits peak brightness, 3840Hz PWM dimming1, and TÜV Rheinland eye-care certification. The enhanced display clarity enables sharp images even when zooming in on fine details, whilst offering the most immersive viewing experience possible.

Equipped with the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2, POCO F6 Pro features the Xiaomi HyperOS operating system, along with massive memory and storage, delivering accelerated performance and connectivity with enhanced power efficiency.

POCO F6 Pro also boasts the best camera sensor system in the POCO range, ensuring clearer details in even the most complicated shots. New Dual Native ISO Fusion technology features a high and low gain channel with a maximum exposure difference of up to 16 times. The user can photograph scenes with significant light and dark contrast to provide that ideal creative shot.

Capture that perfect moment with Burst Mode 2.0 in the creativity features. With the POCO Imaging Engine algorithm, loading and calculation speeds have been significantly optimized, capturing those precious moments quickly and clearly. The new Ultra Night Algorithm lets you see the night, capturing clear and bright images with more accurate color representation through its AI multi-frame fusion. The super cool functionality lets you play around with shooting in night scenarios.

Available in Black or White and featuring super smooth-to-the-touch velvet glass with curved edges, the POCO F6 Pro is powered by a 5000mAh battery that will last you all day. When you need a recharge, the smart 120W HyperCharge powers up your phone to 100% in just 19 minutes2.

POCO F6: Shaped by speed, supported by leading Snapdragon® 8s Gen 3

POCO F6 offers a truly flagship mobile gaming experience, powered by the latest highly anticipated Snapdragon® processor. With a key focus on CPU and AI capabilities, the X4 prime core supporting the CPU delivers top-tier performance. With an AnTuTu score of over

1.53 million3, the POCO F6 easily outperforms most smartphones in its segment, delivering smooth, effortless all-around performance.

Experience the most complete gaming experience possible with POCO’s WildBoost Optimization 3.0. The latest generation WildBoost takes software tuning to new levels with an in-house algorithm that pushes even the highly popular Genshin Impact game to support 1.5K resolution, resulting in an elevated visual experience like never before. The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 AI capabilities ensure enhanced power efficiency and lower temperature for outstanding gaming action. To provide an even longer-lasting gaming experience, the latest LiquidCool Technology features a new IceLoop system, improving vapor-liquid circulation flow to take away heat and vastly improve heat dissipation.

POCO F6 also introduces the first CrystalRes display in the POCO F Series. A super-clear flagship quality 6.67-inch Flow AMOLED DotDisplay offers a 120Hz refresh rate, 2400 nits peak brightness, and 68 billion colors, delivering a vivid experience and stunning 1.5K high-definition quality. A super-slim bezel and screen-to-body ratio of 94.27% creates a truly immersive experience for streaming videos, gaming, or reading online. TÜV Rheinland eye-care and circadian-friendly and flicker-free certifications ensure safe, comfortable, lengthy viewing periods.

As an alternative to the excitement of gaming and when you want to capture stunning photos, POCO F6 has you covered with a 50MP triple camera setup with an IMX882 ultra-wide sensor with a large F/1.59 aperture, allowing in more light to create high-quality shots in daylight and especially at night. POCO F6 also comes with OIS and EIS, now an F series standard. Other flagship photography features include 4K video with 60 FPS, enabling cinematic-style ultra-clear video at a high frame rate. With the powerful chipset, Motion Tracking Focus 2.0 can track the movement of people, animals, and insects for even the most committed nature photographer.

Available in three distinct color options: Black, Green, or brand-new Titanium color, POCO F6 packs a punch with a powerful 5000mAh battery. 90W turbo charging achieves a 100% charge in around 30 minutes to keep you always on the go4 5.

“With technology advancing at blistering speed, the market now demands all-round performance smartphones that are also performance priced. POCO F6 Pro boasts flagship performance and experiences, representing this year’s unbelievable value device in its price segment. POCO F6 combines the latest hardware and software to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. With our F6 series, we are hitting hard on every aspect of what makes a flagship smartphone and aim to set a new standard in the industry,” explained Angus Ng, Head of Product Marketing at POCO Global.

Product Availability

POCO F6 Pro will be available in two colors: Black and White. It comes in three variants: 12GB+256GB, 12GB+512GB, and 16GB +1TB.

  • 12GB+256GB: Recommended retail price at SGD709.
  • 12GB+512GB: Recommended retail price at SGD769.
  • 16GB +1TB: Recommended retail price at SGD869.

POCO F6 Pro can be purchased at an early bird price of SGD629 (12GB+256GB), SGD679 (12GB+512GB) and SGD799 (16GB+1TB) respectively from May 23 to May 31 exclusively via Shopee. From June 1 onwards, it will be available across Shopee and Lazada.

POCO F6 is available in three striking colors: Black, Green, and Titanium color. It comes in two variants: 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB.

  • 8GB+256GB: Recommended retail price at SGD559.
  • 12GB+512GB: Recommended retail price at SGD599.

POCO F6 will be available for purchase at an early bird price of SGD479 (8GB+256GB) and SGD549 (12GB+512GB) respectively from May 23 to May 31 exclusively via Lazada. From June 1 onwards, it will be available across Shopee and Lazada.

About POCO

POCO is a young independent brand born out of Xiaomi Corporation. As of now, POCO has entered 98 global markets. The POCO philosophy – “Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t” – drives the brand to focus its research and development efforts entirely on POCO fans’ requirements and feedback. This relentless pursuit of technology that its fans truly need democratizes decision-making to accelerate the company’s evolution and refresh the smartphone industry.


  1. DC dimming for high brightness and PWM dimming for low brightness. The screen supports a maximum high-frequency PWM dimming of 3840Hz, which takes effect when screen brightness is below 24 nits. Please refer to the actual experience.
  2. 19 minutes to 100% is the charging data by using the 120W in-box charger, manually enabling the “Boost charging speed” feature while keeping the display off. Data is obtained from POCO Internal Labs with a test room temperature of approximately 25. Actual results may vary due to different test environments. Please refer to actual experience.
  3. Data tested by internal labs. Actual results may vary.
  4. Data tested by internal labs. Actual results may vary.
  5. 90W wired charging means the adapter output power is 90W. Actual power output may vary depending on the environment.