This Robotic BabyAlpha Dog Can Be Your Pet |

If you think of robot dog, you might think about Boston Dynamics Spot or Unitree Go2. However, they are not cute enough. Now, there is a new (robotic) dog in town (in China). That is the BabyAlpha from WEILAN. It looks like a dog, has those flappy ears and a tail. Check it out.

It behaves like a pet and can go around the house autonomously, or you can use the remote control to move it around.

I think one of the selling points is the accessories that you can add on to it. And it looks cute and harmless.

I have seen some videos on TikTok on it. However, there are not a lot of videos of this BabyAlpha currently.

Pricing wise, it is not cheap. It starts from approximately SGD1,900 to up to SGD5,000 for the BabyAlpha Sport variant. I tried to copy those specs that are different from the variants. Check it out.

There are a lot of features on it. You can also check out their official website in Chinese (use Google to Translate to English if needed).

I am not sure if it can be shipped to different countries though.